Friday, January 30, 2009

Bizzare Shock Value Foods..A New Trend?

I found this food trend link on KBLOG.LUNCHBOXBUNCH.COM. Wow--Very interesting food trends. Some that sound dangerous too. Go to the site and see if you agree with me...Click below to go to this very interesting news. Thanks...
Photo by Shock-ed by CarbonNYC

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bacon Cherry Roll Ups

This recipes sounds delicious and looks easy. Go to RECIPEZAAR for the recipe. I found the photo there too. Go to...
Photo By: Baby Kato

Bacon Fast Gaining In Delicious Popularity

I found this interesting bacon info. at a site called WCCO.COM. I love bacon, don't you? Here's a quote from this site. "People just kind of go crazy for it, they laugh about it, they give it to people as gag gifts and they just love it," said Gwendolin Westberg a merchandiser for Patina. Click at the link to read it all....
Photo by Bacon by shawnzam

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Armed Robbery Charges Against Man Popped By Chef

I found this news item online at JSONLINE.COM. This is part of what it said. Quote JSONLINE.
"A man who police say was thwarted in his attempt to rob a Muskego supper club by a spoon-wielding chef was charged Monday with armed robbery and drug possession.
Joey N. Geraci, 39, of Muskego was ordered held on $50,000." Go to JSONLINE to read the whole story here...
Photo by big spoon by shortfatkid

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Wonderful, Wonderful 'Soup Stone'

This video I found on YOUTUBE. I love this song and it's beautiful message of abundance and hope. By DR.HOOK. Click here for a link to the song/video...
Photo by Rock Inspection by makelessnoise

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ice Cream Gives`Positive Alcohol Test

WOW. This news SWEETSFOODS [WWW.SWEETSFOODS.COM] found on UPI.COM. From the story-Quote:
"The man claimed the alcohol reading was the result of eating a Bubble O' Bill ice cream treat and Magistrate Rod Crisp ordered a test to be performed to back up the claim. Police recorded the man's blood alcohol content as 0.00 and performed the test a second time after he took a few bites of Bubble O' Bill, yielding a 0.018 reading." Read the story at below...
Image of a Bubble O' Bill ice cream treat from

A Billion Frogs Are Eaten Each Year

Well, did ya know? A Billion Frogs --- that's a lot. This story was found on BBC NEWS. From this story "One billion frogs are taken from the wild for human consumption each year, according to a new study." Read it all at BBC NEWS here...
Photo by frog by avmaier

The Stories Behind 10 Famous Food Labels

NEATORAMA has some fascinating stories about some of the world's most famous food logos. Just take a look ...Go to NEATORAMA here...
Photo by peter piper by duluoz cats

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sweets Foods Blog: Quinoa & Amaranth Grains - What They Have in Common with Le Cordon Bleu and NASA?

SWEETSFOODS has a wonderfully informative blog. It's one of my favorites. Read his posts and learn fasinating info about food. This is a link/photo from his most recent post, go there and check it out by clicking below. Again, 'Thanks SWEETSFOODS'

Savory Bread Pudding With Mushrooms And Parmesan Cheese

I found this savory yummy recipe/photo on EPICURIOUS.COM. Says it's great for a vegen main meal item. Sure want to test this one soon. Go to EPICURIOUS here...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Savory Candy From the CANDYDISH Blog

Savory Candy. Found this on the CANDY DISH BLOG. WOW. Made my mouth water. Several 'savory' candy ideas and recipes. Check it out. They always have great info. I visit them often.
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Photo by: / candy by yomi955

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to 'An Unsavory Character'

Please relax and enjoy yourself here at my blog 'An Unsavory Character'. Hear the news, share a great recipe or two, have a bite to eat.This is my 'artwork'. I use 1 finger on my one working arm to do this typing on this site. My husband helps me on the computer each morning. I was an artist etc. before...Enjoy yourself. Lola.
Photo by: Police Car Lights by davidsonscott15
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